About AquaBlokk™ and Wintec Engineering:

  • Wintec has developed innovative steel solutions since 1989, – the past few years focusing on solutions for flood protection. In 2015 the patent pending product AquaBlokk™ was invented by Oliver Bach, the founder of Wintec.
    At the same time the product hit the Danish market in 2016, it was nominated as “The product of the year” by the association “Vandmærket” (The Water Mark) in Denmark.
  • AquaBlokk™ has been launched in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France.
  • Global focus on climate and the adoption of the international climate program INTERREG Rhine-Meuse Activities (IRMA) inspired Wintec Engineering to focus on flood protection in the Mid-European countries.
  • With its Patent Pending and a solid record of references, the AquaBlokk™ has become known as one of the most innovatively designed climate protection products in Europe.

Wintec is the one to choose for sales, service and repair of machinery.

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