Technical Information

AquaBlokk™ Sluice & Pump Systems

AquablokkSluices are designed and manufactured to meet levels, capacities and demands, specified in the actual project. The hydraulic design, being performed by a qualified engineering company. Most frequent sizes range from 6m, 10m, 15m to 20m in width. Special sizes can be delivered according to request.

Sluices can be operated by hydraulics, pneumatics or by mechanical gear motors and are automatically controlled via self-control or connection to SCADA / Internet, etc.

All systems are supplied as dive / dry units or as a combination.

The standard systems are generally operated by 400V, 3 kW up to 15 kW, but can be adapted to any individual need.

AquablokkPump Systems are delivered with capacities of 200-18.000 l/sec, depending on pump type. Other pump types up to 72.000 l/sec. or bigger.

KW consumption depends on performance and lifting height (5.5 kW-1 MW).

Materials of high Quality

Only the highest quality of concrete is used for the AquaBlokk™.

Pumps are made of cast iron or steel, galvanized or surface treated with epoxy to the desired correction class. Alternatively, the pumps can be delivered in various stainless steel grades. The pump stations are supplied with long-axle propeller pumps, submerged pumps or screw pumps. Propeller screws are delivered in bronze, stainless steel, galvanized and coated.

Quick Service

When designing installations such as these, reliability should be considered and an emergency plan incorporated. It is essential that spare parts are in stock for quick delivery and that qualified technicians are available on short notice.

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