System Profile

Full flexibility – Ease of service

The additional “Blokk in Blokk” feature allows the sluice elements to be easily lifted out for service, replacement. – No need for digging!

With the ”Blokk in Blokk” feature sluice modules are inserted into a prefabricated base module, which can be lowered or concreted into an existing channel or a basin.

Clever design = Cost effective

Aquablokk™ offers all the benefits, usually obtained by prefabrication.

Construction time on site is radically reduced, which means that water flow can be dammed or bypassed during the building process. The builder simply prepares the site, after which the Aquablokk™ is lifted into place.

Proven, new technology

Aquablokk™ utilizes the newest proven sluice and pump technology.

The prefabricated Aquablokk™ elements set new standards for the segment and effectively lowers construction time and cost.

The Aquablokk™ principle offers the flexibility of LEGO-blocks, as individual elements can be combined as desired.

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