Prefabricated Sluice Systems

Sluices for Climate Control

Climate changes have made level control and flood protection more essential than ever. Whether for water ways, rivers, lakes or high sea protection, regulation can create capacity to absorb huge amounts of water from rain and melting snow.

AquaBlokk™ can be adapted to each specific project.

With AquaBlokk™ it is possible to make the optimal solution. It offers maximum flexibility and security.

Sluices for Infrastructural Waterways

AquaBlokk™ elements are prefabricated, but are individually designed to each specific infrastructural project.

Aquablokk™ can be made to fit into existing sluice plants, replacing earlier sluices and be used in new plants. It offers maximum water control and is highly effective.

With AquaBlokk™ you can create the waterways needed for transportation of goods, local residents or tourists. Read about the technical features here.

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