Prefabricated sluice facts:

The invention of the prefabricated sluice system AquaBlokk™ from Wintec Engineering is based on 3 fundamental values:

  1. Individual but prefabricated
    Every AquaBlokk™ system can be individually designed to fit the individual project perfectly.
  2. Highly Cost effective
    Prefabrication means optimized production, ease of installation and a minimum of contractors involved.
  3. Truly Reliable
    Proven technology and quick repair make Aquablokk™ a very reliable solution – fast implemented, long lasting for optimum climate control and infrastructures. 5-Years of maintenance is included in the price. If more sluices are installed in the same area, spare parts can be shared between them, saving space and money. Guaranteed delivery of spare parts within 2 days means minimum downtime.

Prefabricated module advantages:

Fixed module prices ensure predictable costs.

  • A minimum of contractors involved.
  • Better project management due to clear intersection between contractors, consultants and developers.
  • Effective planning and site management.
  • Possibility of sharing spare parts, if more sluices in the same area.