Build fast & effectively

Prefabricated sluice- and pump systems
developed for the International Market

  • Reliable Climate Technology
  • Place and plug – Quick and easy installation
  • Proven technology – Standardized

All systems are built as fully functional units, delivered in accordance with the standards

A Wintec Company

Our many years of experience within water treatment, environment and climate protection have made us a specialist within the field.


Easy and fast installation of AquaBlokk™ due to the new design with a sluice and pumping system, minimizes the installation time considerably.


Here is a couple of actual cases, proving the effectiveness and success of the product so far.

Proven technology - prefabricated system for climate and flood protection.

Build fast & effectively

The whole idea with AquaBlokk™ is to build fast and effectively in modules or a combination of modules. Examples: a sluice building,
a pump station, an inlet grill, a service building, cranes etc.

An operation guarantee of 2, 5 or 10 years is included.


Easy – quick and cost-efficient!

  • Prefabricated sluice- and pump stations for the local and international market.
  • Cost efficient with short construction time and a minimum of contractors.
  • Minimisation of the building site conditions and costs.
  • Well designed, fitting in with the fauna and the surroundings.